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I Understand

VERY GAVELLO is pleased to announce its online store for the promotion and distribution of its products via Internet, created by SPYRIDOU MARTHA, with registered offices in Athens, Kanari street, no. 6, registered in the Electronic Commercial Registry (GEMI) under number 127247801000, e-mail: info@verygavello.com and phone number: 210-7244933. Before you visit our online store and navigate in our web pages, please read carefully the following terms and conditions for its use. Please make sure you agree to the following terms and conditions, as your use and browsing of the online store services implies your explicit and unreserved consent. The following terms constitute the conditions under which VERY GAVELLO performs its transactions, in accordance with the principle of good faith and according to L.2251/1994 on Consumer Protection.

1. Terms & Conditions

VERY GAVELLO reserves the right to modify or renew unilaterally and without notice these terms and conditions of transactions made through its online store in accordance with its own needs and the commercial laws. VERY GAVELLO undertakes the obligation to inform users for any modifications and changes in these terms, through its online store.

2. Products & Services

VERY GAVELLO is committed in regards to the accuracy and validity of the information provided on its website in terms of both the actual essential features that each product has and the accuracy of information on the provided services, without prejudice to any technical error or misprint that has escaped attention or has occurred unintentionally or due to any interruption of the website’s operation due to force majeure.

3. Restriction of liability

VERY GAVELLO cannot provide any guarantee for the availability of the products but guarantees to timely inform consumers about unavailability. VERY GAVELLO will only be liable for gross negligence and willful misconduct in case of any delay in the delivery of the ordered products and for information or services provided through its website. The online store is not responsible for any technical errors that may occur to users when accessing the website and during their navigation therein and are related to the operation or compatibility of their own equipment. Moreover, VERY GAVELLO is not responsible for acts or omissions of third parties and in particular unauthorized third party interventions in products and services or information made available through the website.

4. Intellectual Property rights

The content of our website, including images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts, services and products, is the intellectual property of VERY GAVELLO and is protected by the Greek, European and International Law. Any copy, analogue/digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading, processing, resale, creation of derivative work or misleading the public about the actual provider of the website content is prohibited. Any reproduction, republication, upload, spreading or transmission or any other use of the content in any way or mean for commercial purposes or otherwise is only permitted upon prior written authorization of VERY GAVELLO. Names, images, logos and distinctive features representing VERY GAVELLO and its products or services are exclusive trademarks and distinctive features of VERY GAVELLO and are protected by the Greek, Community and International Laws on trademark, industrial and intellectual property and unfair competition. In any case, the appearance and exposure to the websites of such material should in no way imply a transfer or grant of license or right to use it in any way.

5. User’s Obligations

The users of our website accept and agree that they will lawfully use it. The purchase of goods through our online store is only permitted by users who have the legal right to conclude contracts and the capacity to perform legal acts as defined in the Greek Law. Users further accept that they will not use our websites and online store to send, post, send by e-mail or otherwise transmit any content which is illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, annoying, slanderous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, violates someone else's privacy, shows empathy or raises racial, ethnic or other discrimination or can cause harm to people who are underage in any way. They will not use any content which is not entitled to be transmitted according to the law or contractual relations or management (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information acquired or disclosed as part of a business relationship or covered by confidentiality agreements), violates any patent, trademark, trade secret, intellectual property rights, rights or other proprietary rights of third parties, contains software viruses or any other codes, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destroy or disable the operation of any software or computer hardware, violates the applicable Greek and Community Law and its provisions intentionally or unintentionally, may disturb third parties in any way or is used to collect or store user’s personal data.

6. Security

VERY GAVELLO recognizes the importance of the security of your Personal Data and electronic transactions and takes all the necessary measures, using the most up-to-date and advanced methods, to ensure maximum security. All information related to your personal data and your transactions is secure and confidential. The security of the online store is accomplished in the following ways: Customer Identification: The codes used to identify you are two: Log In Code (e-mail or username) and your Personal Security Password, which grant you a secure access each time you use it. You are the only person who has access to your data through the codes mentioned above and you are solely responsible for maintaining them secret and hide them from third parties (natural persons or legal entities). In case of loss or disclosure of your codes, you must immediately notify us, otherwise VERY GAVELLO's online store is not responsible for the use of the secret code by a non-authorized person.
For security reasons, we recommend that you avoid using same or easily detectable codes (e.g. date of birth). Ensuring Privacy of your Personal Data transmission: To ensure the confidentiality of transferred data, we use the encryption protocol. Automatic Log Off: If there is no activity for 30 minutes, you are automatically logged of the online store. Firewall: Access to VERY GAVELLO’s system is controlled by a firewall, which allows the use of specific services by the customers / users, while at the same time forbids access to data systems and databases with confidential data and company information. Encryption: There is a 256-bit SSL encryption anywhere you enter personal data (password, addresses, phone numbers, credit cards, etc.). Encryption is a way of encoding the information until it reaches its intended recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key. When ordering and since the user / customer is logged in the online store with his username and password, all communication between your computer and our system is encrypted using an EV 256-bit key. This means that each time you send information to the system, your browser first encrypts it using an EV 256-bit key and then sends it to the system.

7. Confidentiality of transactions

Confidentiality is self-evident. The same basic principles which govern classic transactions also apply to e-commerce. All information submitted by the user/member is confidential and VERY GAVELLO has taken all necessary measures to use them only to the extend where this is necessary in the context of the provided services. Some of the measures taken are as follows: Only authorized employees have access to your information of transaction and only when this is necessary, e.g. to handle your requests.
VERY GAVELLO does not disclose its customers and their transactions data unless there is a written authorization by you or it is required by a court order or a decision of another public authority. None of your data is used by third parties. You can ask for any information stored for you and their amendment in case you can prove the error. For your own security, you should also handle all information provided through the service as confidential and secret and do not disclose it to third parties.

8. Privacy Policy

During your visit to www.verygavello.com , you may be asked to provide personal information about you (name, profession, e-mail address, shipping address, telephone number and credit card details if payment by credit card is selected etc.) so as to process your orders, in accordance with the provisions of L. 2472/1997 on "Protection of individuals from the processing of personal information" and L. 3471/2006 on the "Privacy Policy in electronic communications". The design of this site allows the user to visit it without revealing his identity. The user's personal information is required only if he/she wishes to order a product or register as a member of VERY GAVELLO or to contact the company by e-mail. Any personal data you disclose anywhere on the pages and services of our websites is strictly for the sole purpose of transacting with us, improving the services provided and ensuring the operation of the respective service and may not be used by any other third party (except where it is provided by Law and only to the competent authorities). For any queries, suggestions or statements relating to these issues, please contact us by using our email at info@verygavello.com. At any time the user reserves the right to be informed about the existence of his personal file or to raise objections to the further processing of his/her personal data or to correct and/or amend such information and data in accordance with the applicable legislation on the privacy policy.

9. General terms on Privacy Policy

VERY GAVELLO keeps personal data files that are sent by the visitor/ user solely for communication, financial and tax purposes.
The visitor/user can contact the competent department to cross-check the existence of his/her personal file, correct it, amend it or delete it.
Visitors/users of the Network who are underage have access to the services of the Network only with the consent of their parents or their legal guardians and are not obliged to submit their personal data. In case visitors/users underage submit such information, VERY GAVELLO will delete it.
VERY GAVELLO and in particular its marketing department may process part or all of the data you have sent for statistical, financial and service information purposes.

10. Purchase of Products

To facilitate your search, we have chosen a simple procedure: Using the “search” option, you will easily be guided to the specific product you want. If you wish to place an order, fill in the order form with all the information requested. The company makes every possible effort to provide high quality services. However, errors in prices and secondary product features cannot be excluded and it cannot be ensured that there will be no interruption of the website or "human" errors when updating / listing the price of a product. For the security and efficiency of your purchases, in case you find out that a product is offered at an unusual low or high price compared to its market value, before proceeding with its order, please contact the Customer Service by phone at 210-7244933 or by e-mail. When you place your order, you will receive an automated e-mail confirming receipt of the order and reporting its details. After the order is processed by VERY GAVELLO and when it is received by Courier to be delivered to you, you will receive an email that your order has been shipped.
In case there is a pending issue in your order, you will receive a relevant e-mail. Alternatively, we will contact you on the phone number you indicated at your registration or order. Please take care of their receipt and storage throughout the transaction.

11. Withdrawal / Return – Replacement of orders

Α. You have the right to withdraw from the contract and return the products you have purchased, accompanied necessarily by a completed withdrawal form, which you will find in our website, within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of receipt of the products. In case of return of products and provided that the products have been received and inspected by VERY GAVELLO, the company is obliged to refund the price you have paid within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of receipt of the products, in the same way of payment chosen during the order. The cost of return is borne by you.

Β. You have the right to return the products you have purchased and ask for them to be replaced with the same products as those ordered or to claim reimbursement:

(a) in all cases where, with proven fault, we have delivered products other than those ordered or substantially different
(b) in all cases where there is a proven defect in the product delivered to you or an agreed feature is missing and when the product is under warranty and is not otherwise provided by it.

The cost of return is borne by VERY GAVELLO. VERY GAVELLO is liable for damages in case an agreed feature is missing or in case of defect, only if this is caused by VERY GAVELLO and is, therefore, not responsible for slight negligence.

C. You have the right to return the products you have purchased and request their replacement with another product or products up to the amount of the price you paid or at an additional cost if you wish, within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt of the products, under the explicit condition that the product to be replaced remains intact and unused. It is not allowed to replace products already replaced, for a second time. Upon receipt of product, we suggest you to personally inspect the delivered product and confirm that its package remains intact.
Specifically, regarding returns or replacements:

  • The product to be replaced-repaired must be accompanied by the original receipt.
  • The product to be replaced-repaired must be in the excellent condition as received by the customer, complete and without damage and its packaging is the original one and in perfect condition, along with all the documents that accompanied the product (eg dispatch note, receipt, guarantee, etc.). VERY GAVELLO’s written guarantee is also included in the package of the shipped product and should be returned along with the product.
  • The returned product should not have been used.
  • In any case, your direct contact with the online store should be the day of receipt or no later than the next working day

12. Order cancellation

An order may be cancelled in the following cases:

  • Prior to order completion, during the online ordering process, you can go back and remove the quantities of products from your cart by clicking the "remove" icon.
  • If your online order has been completed but the product has not yet been shipped, you can call at 210-7244933 and one of our partners will take over the cancellation of your order. This is possible up to the time we notify you for your order’s shipment.

13. Payment methods

1. Payment by credit card:
VERY GAVELLO’s online store accepts all Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Your transactions in our online store are protected by superior online security systems, which guarantee a secure transacting environment. All payments made using the card are processed the electronic payment platform of "Alpha e-Commerce" of Alpha Bank and uses TLS 1.2 encryption protocol with 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.
For purchases using your credit card, please follow the instructions in our online store. You will be asked to fill in the order form your credit card number, expiration date and security code. VERY GAVELLO does not keep or store your credit card details for reasons of maximum security, so you need to re-enter your credit card information for every purchase you make.

2. Paypal payment.
You are transferred to Paypal (online secure trading system) and you complete the payment through your Paypal account. PayPal payment process is fully automated and is usually completed in a few minutes.

Important notice: During this process, no personal data is stored on www.verygavello.com.

14. Product Prices

Prices on each product include VAT. VERY GAVELLO reserves the right to unilaterally adjust the prices.
Our product pricing policy is the same for all our distribution channels, meaning our physical and online store.
In any case, although we make every possible effort to accurately list the items and prices we dispose in our online store, we cannot exclude the possibility of typos or technical errors in prices and features of the products. For this reason, prior to any payment and completion of your order, we suggest that you confirm any price with the Customer Service by calling at 210-7244933 or by emailing the website.

15. Order / Delivery of Products / Shipment costs:

Order Completion: When you place your order, you will receive a message upon completion. Please check your e-mail as we have sent you a confirmation e-mail with the details of your order.
Delivery date and time: Orders are shipped for delivery to the address you have indicated by courier service with the company “Courier Center”. Delivery dates are usually from Monday to Friday, except holidays, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. This time limit does not apply during extreme weather conditions or strikes and in any case of force majeure which may affect shipment time.
For orders within Attica, delivery is scheduled for the next working day and costs 10 €. For orders outside Attica, delivery is scheduled within 2 working days (for difficult accessible areas, delivery is scheduled up to 3 days) and costs 10 €. For shipments abroad, the cost is 35 € and delivery is scheduled for 5 to 15 working days.

16. Delay of order

Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:

  • Our supplier has delayed to send the product:
    In this case we will contact you to ask you if you wish to receive the order without the delayed product or to suggest an alternative. This product will be sent immediately after we receive it.
  • The product you ordered has already been removed and is unavailable:
    Among the products we exhibit in our online store, there are rare occasions when their supplier suddenly and without any prior notice announces that they are abolished. In this case an employee of our company will contact you directly to give you all the alternatives.
  • During extreme weather conditions or strikes and in any case of force majeure which may affect the shipment and delivery of your order.
  • In case it is impossible to contact you by telephone and/or e-mail (if there is a problem with your order, either in relation to the product or its payment) because, for example, your entered information which is not properly updated.

17. Newsletters

VERY GAVELLO sends informative emails on a regular basis. Although the company makes every effort to deliver such emails, it is not responsible if the newsletter is not delivered to its destination.
Our newsletter may end up in your spam folder because of a filter in your email. Please check this out. Add our company's email on your safe list.
If you do not wish to receive newsletters or wish to unsubscribe, please inform us by using the site's contact form.
Information from our company is only available if you choose it, for as long as you wish. However, if you have placed an order using our site, we send automated email messages regarding the progress of your order. Please make sure that these emails reach you and keep them throughout our transaction.

18. Applicable Law and jurisdiction

The Greek Law applies to the contracts concluded with our online store and the Courts of Athens have the exclusive jurisdiction to resolve disputes arising from such contracts.

19. Contact VERY GAVELLO

The user can contact our company by phone at 210-7244933 on working days and hours or by e-mail at info@verygavello.com or by fax at 210-7244910 or by post to 6, Kanari street, Athens, Greece.